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Service Engineer - Kehems Technologies Pvt Ltd

Date Posted: May 26, 2022
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Job Detail

Job Description

  • The candidate has good knowledge of Chiller Installation, Commissioning, and Troubleshooting.
  • Maintain low & High-pressure trip of the chiller, Oil failure trip, freeze stat, Proof of flow, and starter trip.
  • Handle Commissioning of the chillers and Heat Pump, attain breakdown of the Central Air-conditioning plants and HVAC equipment.
  • Prevent Chiller from Low & High suction pressure & Discharge Pressure, Noisy Compressor, Insufficient cooling, Compressor overcurrent trip, Compressor high-pressure trip, Insufficient cooling.
  • Installed operated and maintained air conditioning and refrigeration equipment including compressor, pumps, evaporators, expansion valves, solenoid valve control, and related equipment.
  • Thorough knowledge of Chiller plant operation, Delta Tissues, and plant performance.
  • Extension knowledge of large critical HVAC systems including cooling towers, chillers systems, clear air filtration systems, water treatment, the direct digital control systems for HVAC, and troubleshooting such.


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Kehems Technologies Pvt Ltd

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